Chuck Missler impresses me greatly with his scientific arguments that back up the Bible.
I got a degree in physics a score years ago and am still impressed with numbers and facts. He provides a feast of facts and figures, some I once knew and some that are new to me. Although I would concede he is a lot smarter than me, I still have to say that in some things he is lacking.
He seems to think Jews are Israelites and he is right but not all Israelites are Jews. He says there are no lost tribes and quotes a verse from 1 Chronicles 9 that says men of Manasseh and Ephraim were among the first to return to Jerusalem.
When Jereboam led the ten tribes in rebellion against the house of David he set up idols to the north and south of the breakaway kingdom for his subjects to worship. He could see what would happen if they kept going down to the southern kingdom to worship in Jerusalem at the appointed festivals they would eventually leave him. What were the people of the northern tribes to do? Some undoubtedly upped sticks and moved permanently south. Here in Scotland there will be a referendum on independence. If the land votes, yes then I am sure some people will move to England rather than belong to a separate country. I was born in England – will my family down there now be foreigners? So there were probably folk from every tribe in Judah and therefor Jews [ Jew means a dweller from Judah ] and some of these were among the first to return from Babylon to Jerusalem. Surely Chuck can not mean all of those who were deported a couple of hundred years previously to Assyria. They numbered in their millions in King David’s day and Josephus tells us that in his day, about five hundred years after the return from Babylon had become an innumerable multitude living beyond the Euphrates and outside of the Roman empire. We have an idea who they are but must not be dogmatic. one thing is sure and that is that God does know or how would He be able to bring them back and again to unite the two kingdoms as He promised through Ezekiel with the two sticks that became one under a decendent of David. There are a host of promises about what would happen to the ten tribes and Ephraim was told by Jacob that he would become a multitude of nations and his older brother was to himself become a great nation. Prophesies about what would happen to them in the last days.
Chuck’s great powers of logic are set aside when he insists in a three in one god. If Jesus is God then how can his father be greater than him? How can God and Jesus want different things? Stephen saw Jesus standing at God’s right hand. How could God die – immortality is His alone. If God died then it must be suicide and everything sustained by Him would have to collapse. John wrote that the purpose of his gospel was to show that Jesus is the Son of God but makes no blasphemous claim that Jesus is God himself. Daniel saw Jesus being presented to God.

No, Chuck, God has given Jesus a name above all others and every knee must bow to him – to the glory of God the Father.

Update: I was thrilled to watch a few of Chuck’s talks on You Tube. In a Q & A session he was asked if USA was mentioned in Bible prophesies and of course he could only give a general sort of answer.

My conviction is that the answer is YES. In  Genesis 48 the dying Jacob is visited by his son Joseph and Joseph’s sons Manasseh and Ephraim. Jacob blesses the boys but crosses his arms to place his right hand on the younger son, Ephraim’s head. Joseph protested but Jacob would not have it otherwise. He said Manasseh would become a great nation but Ephraim’s descendants would become a multitude of nations.

In the next chapter Jacob prophesies about each of his son’s descendants, the things that will befall them in the last days.

Now, most would agree – we are living in the last days so where are these people? There were well over a million men in Israel and Judah at the time of the census that David took three thousand years ago. In Isaiah 10 & 11 we read that the people of Israel will be as the sand of the seashore but only a few will return and a descendant of David will rule them and Judah and Israel will be at peace with each other. This shows that up to the start of the messianic age these descendants of Jacob would be like grains of sand on the seashore. Figurative speech for a number in the many millions.

Jacob said in Genesis 48:20 that when blessing they would say,

“May god make you like Ephraim and Manasseh” To this day Jews use this formula to bless their sons. Does this not imply their presence even today?

So they must still exist and in multi millions and God surely knows who and where they are and they must be big players in this present age. There will be lots of others among them just as there were the mixed multitude who left Egypt with them in the Exodus.

When I read the prophesy on Joseph and the archers who sorely troubled him but his arms were made strong by the mighty God of Jacob I can’t help thinking of Britain and the dire straights we were in at the start of the Second World War and which nation has become a multitude of nations? Which brother nation has become a very great nation?

Today, thousands are desperately trying to get into these nations – may God make you like Ephraim and Manasseh!


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