The late Fred Sanger was twice awarded the Nobel Prize. The first was for working out the amino acid sequence for the insulin protein. He chose insulin because it is one of the simpler protein molecules and is easy to obtain.
His obituary described him as an agnostic but formerly of quaker persuasion. Sad, in my eyes, that in his search for truth in one direction he lost out in another. How could he see any other way that that chain of 51amino acids that make up the insulin molecule could have been assembled? The number of possible combinations is 20 to the power of 51. Could he not see the hand of an all powerful creator as the only solution?
Belief in God does require a step of faith but so does belief in serendipity – the aminos all assembled themselves in the right order and did it again and again and this to only produce a bit of insulin. What luck must have been needed to make the DNA molecules?
When you see DESIGN it implies a DESIGNER.

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