The real Nativity Story

Mary and Joseph had to go on a very inconvenient journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem as ordered by the occupying Roman government. Joseph’s ancestors went back to King David of Bethlehem and it was there that he had to register.
He and his new bride set out on the seventy mile journey, although she was in the in the last month of her pregnancy. In a way it must have been a relief to get away from those wagging tongues – she was pregnant before marriage which seems to be acceptable today; fifty years ago it was a disaster but two thousand years ago it was a catastrophe.
When they finally made it, after what must have been a hard journey, it was time for the baby to be born. No one would be too keen to take them in and we are told there was no room for them at the inn. But the peace of Bethlehem was soon to be shattered by a bunch of shepherds who had just seen heaven opened and had seen and heard God’s angel say that a saviour had been born, the Christ which means “Annointed One” and was lying wrapped in swaddling bands in a manger in Bethlehem. They must have woken the whole town with their news.
Here in the UK the people who voted to leave the Treaty of Rome can’t wait to get out and the Jews had a lot of support for the same idea. They misunderstood God’s plan was for a saviour to deliver mankind from Satan’s rule and were obsessed with the idea that this deliverer would get rid of the Romans. The little family would have immediately have been projected from obscurity to celebrity and a more suitable home would have been found for them.
The law said that after a boy is born the woman must take an offering to the priest for her purification ceremony which was to take place forty days after the birth. A lamb and a pigeon were the offerings prescribed but a concession was made for the poor who could not afford a lamb – the lamb could be replaced with a pigeon and so it was that two pigeons were all that Mary and Joseph could afford – they were poor. When word got back to Bethlehem of the prophetic words of Simeon and Anna in the Temple in Jerusalem six miles away, the celebrity status must have soared. Folk were thrilled that a Saviour had at last come but it was a pity that they would have to wait for him to grow up. So for a time it was good to live and work in Bethlehem. Highly honoured citizens instead of being the butt of jibes and innuendo in Nazareth.
We don’t know how long it was before the rich visitors from the East came to the house where they stayed and could have been well over a year. These Magi or some say kings and others wise men came to Jerusalem and were called in to King Herod himself – these were important men. We know that out of their treasures they presented the Lord with three types of gift but we are not told how many were in the group and wouldn’t they have servants to serve and to guard them against robbers. What a stir when they arrived in Bethlehem and what were the people to think of that strange star that seemed to hover over where the little family stayed?

Their status must have peaked when these dignitaries bowed in obeisance to the infant Jesus and presented their gifts to him. Now they were no longer a poor carpenter family. What a bright future lay ahead with wealth and status. But God had decreed that Jesus was to be tested in all things as it says in the Letter to the Hebrews, in the same way that we are. The Magi were warned of Herod’s treachery and went home by another way and Joseph was warned in a dream of the danger Jesus was in and so in the night they started on the hundred mile journey to Egypt. God had provided for their financial wellbeing and maybe they did buy themselves a new donkey or two but now they were refugees in another land – never an easy situation.
They stayed there until King Herod died but when they heard that his son was now the ruler of the area that covered Bethlehem they had to go back the their old town, the one with the wagging tongues where he was to spend many years – tested in all points as we are yet without a sin.

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Take up your cross

Traditional views can hinder a fair consideration of what the Scriptures really say. For example we have no trouble in visualising what Jesus meant by taking up one’s cross. Now, what was a cross for? In my mind I can’t think of any other use for a cross than that of crucifixion and the horrible death that it entails.
But if we look at what Jesus really told the disciples to take up, we see that it was a STAUROS which was not a cross but strictly speaking – AN UPRIGHT POLE, usually sharpened so that it could be stuck in the ground. This is the Greek word which is translated as CROSS in the New Testament.
A pole could have many uses.
The Roman army was reorganised by General and Consul Gaius Marius about 107 BC. He standardised their equipment and gave each soldier a forked pole called a FURCA (Latin for FORK). This was carried over the shoulder and on the forked part was hung some of his essential kit. There are pictures of this pole on the web, some show a crossbar instead of a fork. As a kid I found it less than easy to find suitable forked sticks to make a catapult ( you may know it as a slingshot) so I guess putting a little crossbar on a pole was easier than finding suitable sticks with the right fork for a few thousand soldiers.
So when Jesus told would be followers to take up their POLE, was he pointing to their crucifixion or was he telling them to take only their essentials and follow him?

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Is God’s Name “I AM”?

In Scripture a name is more than what you put on your letterbox. We have an expression, “he made a name for himself”. This means he had done something or had become something that enhanced his reputation or a bad name for a bad reputation

At the burning bush Moses was told to return to Egypt to lead God’s people to freedom but Moses feared the elders of Israel would reject him so he asked God what he should say when they asked the name of the God who had sent him. Not the sort of name you would put on a letterbox but what reputation and power does he have, something that describes him.

In the Hebrew scriptures God’s answer was, “ehyeh-asher ehyeh” which can be translated as I AM WHAT I AM or more correctly according to the eleventh century rabbi Rashi – I WILL BE WHAT I Will BE. This is because in Hebrew there is a perfect tense and an imperfect tense. The perfect tense is used for completed actions and the other for actions that are uncompleted and therefore embraces both present and future. This gives yet another translation – I AM WHAT I WILL BE or again I WILL BE WHAT I AM – An unchanging God. Therefore I AM or EGO EIMI in the Greek New Testament is not a faithful but rather an incomplete translation of ehyeh in Exodus.

In most translations it says that Moses was to say that I AM had sent him. So does this mean that this is God’s name or should it be I WILL BE ? The name we associate with God is the word that Jews never read aloud, YHWH (and we use Jehovah, Yaweh or print as LORD in capitals and it appears thousands of times in the Old Testament). Instead they read ADONI (Lord) for it. Jewish sages say that these four letters represent the phrase HAYAH HOVEH YI’YEH – He was, He is, He will be.

Years ago I went into a Christian bookshop in Glasgow and asked for the Septuagint. The manager said that no one had ever asked for the Septuagint in all the years he had been there so I quipped, “then John, Peter and Paul haven’t been in lately?”, I could have added Jesus and all the New Testament writers because most of the Old Testament quotations are from the Greek Septuagint.

When a language is translated there is a choice to be made to get the right shade of meaning for that particular context – my Young’s concordance shows that some Hebrew words are translated in several and in some cases many different ways i.e. NEPHESH (soul)– ten ways in the KJV. How  the context is understood would tend to shift as time goes by.

The Septuagint or LXX as it is known was commissioned for the library in Alexandria around 285 BC and was a translation from Hebrew into common Greek which had become the language of the empire that Alexander the Great had conquered. It was said to have been the work of about seventy Jewish scholars, hence LXX (Roman numeral for 70). It seems likely that it was only the first five books of the Bible (known as the Pentateuch) that these scholars translated, the other books of the Bible and the Apocrypha were added later.

Greek had become the common language of the people including the Jews who made up a considerable proportion of the population of Alexandria and so they took to this translation. Remember, Hebrew was written without the vowel points that were first introduced hundreds of years later to help folk pronounce the sacred text so for those who were unfamiliar with the sounds to be inserted between the consonants the Septuagint was a godsend – Greek does have vowels. The Septuagint was therefore translated from very old manuscripts by men who understood the nuances of both languages.

Its popularity remained among the Jews both at home and abroad until the early Christians disputed with them about certain passages such as – a virgin conceiving a child in the Greek but “young woman” in the Hebrew.

As the old song goes – it was good for Paul and Silas so it’s good enough for me. Throughout the New Testament the LXX is either quoted or paraphrased.

In the LXX, Exodus 3:14 it says – EGO EIMI hO OWN – that is how it sounds but was originally written in Greek capital letters (cursive / small letters were introduced centuries later)The translation being – I AM THE BEING and say that THE BEING has sent you. So His name from the Greek text is THE BEING or WHO IS as in Revelation Holy,Holy,Holy is the Lord God Almighty WHO IS, WHO WAS AND WHO IS TO COME.

It is therefore clear that whenever someone says EGO EIMI or I am, that they are not claiming to be God but just using an ordinary language construct.

John 8:58 is usually translated as, “Before Abraham was I AM” and the Jews wanted to stone him, but not for saying I AM, but for claiming to be older than Abraham.

Jesus said several things about himself just as you would be required to in an interview that start with I am as it is the first person singular of the present tense of the verb to be. So whenever Jesus says,” I am”, that is proof that he is God, according to some, but whenever anyone else says,” I am” that’s just normal speech.

When he spoke to the terrified disciples who saw him walking on the sea he called out to them EGO EIMI or It’s me. When the man born blind in John 9 was healed by Jesus the Pharisees were in an uproar. Some said it was him and others said it was someone like him but the man himself said EGO EIMI – it is me. He got thrown out of the synagogue for his cheek (although what he said was right) but not for claiming to be God. We all use I am; at an interview for a job they want to know all about you and so you have to tell them – I am this, that and the other but your “I AMs” are not claims to be God.

So for the early Christians who used the Septuagint, THE BEING or WHO IS represents God – his attributes, what he is and not a letterbox name but certainly not I AM.

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The hardened heart

‭ ‬At the close of Matthew‭’‬s gospel we read‭ ‬of the women coming to the tomb of Jesus.‭ ‬There was a violent earthquake and an angel came down‭ ‬from heaven,‭ ‬“whose face was like lightning and his robe‭ ‬was as‭ ‬white as‭ ‬snow‭ ‬and‭ ‬he‭ ‬rolled the stone from the mouth of the tomb and sat on it‭”‬.‭ ‬The guards at the tomb were so terrified that‭ ‬“ they became as‭ ‬dead men‭”‬.
Pilate had given the priests orders to set a guard until the third day.‭ ‬This third‭ ‬day‭ ‬had to mean Tuesday‭ (‬third day of the week‭) ‬as it would hardly be worthy of a group of smart Jewish lawyers to set a guard ‭until the third day because Jesus had said he would rise from the dead‭ ‬after three days‭ ‬-‭ ‬the usual interpretation would have the guards leave before the event was due to happen.‭
It is interesting to note that only‭ ‬some of the guards went and told the priests what had happened and then went on to collude with‭ ‬them in‭ ‬their attempt to misinform with a story about disciples stealing the body while they slept.‭ ‬The priests paid them well and promised to keep them out of trouble for this clear dereliction of duty.‭ ‬But making a deal with the devil is always a dodgy move.‭ ‬I doubt they got off with it.‭ ‬After‭ ‬what they had witnessed,‭ ‬it would be interesting to know‭ ‬what became of the guards who didn‭’‬t go back to the priests.‭ ‬Were their lives changed forever or were their hearts hardened‭?
Jesus called Lazarus out of the tomb where he must surely have been decomposing,‭ ‬having been dead for three days in that hot climate.‭ ‬When the priests heard about it from their agents, their reaction was not to ask if this was a sign from God, who alone has the power to raise the dead,‭ ‬but a determination to suppress the story.‭ ‬Is this the hardened heart that the Bible speaks of‭?
The airline that I worked for sent me to USA on courses to learn about the new Inertial Navigation‭ ‬Systems‭ ‬(INS) )‬which‭ ‬were to take the place of navigators‭ ‬on long haul flights.‭ ‬Some years previously advances in communication systems had made radio officers redundant and many of these were retrained as navigators‭ ‬-‭ ‬that‭’‬s progress.‭ ‬The jumbo jets‭ ‬we were getting from Boeing had three such‭ ‬systems on board.
It was a fantastic piece of equipment and cost a fortune.‭ ‬The mechanical part looked a bit like a smallish football suspended in gimbals like a ship‭’‬s compass so that it could compensate for the plane‭’‬s pitching and rolling movements.‭ ‬It contained‭ ‬a rotating platform that had‭ ‬three gyroscopes,‭ ‬sensitive to motion in any direction‭ ‬and two accelerometers that could sense any acceleration forces.
‭ ‬Its computer had a memory‭ ‬made up‭ ‬of‭ ‬eighty thousand tiny ferrite, doughnut shaped,‭ ‬cores‭ ‬with five wires finely threaded through each.‭ ‬This is only‭ ‬10‭ ‬kilobytes but it could run,‭ ‬what the program listing called” a‭ ‬peek-‭ ‬a-‭ ‬boo routine” where the platform with the two horizontal accelerometers would be levelled up so that neither of them could sense the earth‭’‬s gravity‭ ‬(which is an acceleration force‭)‬ thus levelling the platform‭ ‬before starting off.‭ ‬Then the gyros would tell the computer how much earth rotation they could feel – which was proportional to the latitude.‭
The pilot would key in his starting position and the way points that his flight plan dictated.‭ ‬It couldn‭’‬t work out his start longitude but if the start latitude he keyed in differed a fraction of a degree from what it had itself worked out then he would get a warning.
‭ ‬At the end of this alignment process the plane‭’‬s navigation system was ready for takeoff.‭ ‬Even during taxiing the position displayed would change as the computer kept account of every acceleration,‭ ‬worked out the speed and time taken.
‭ ‬Distances were calculated taking account of the curvature of the earth,‭ ‬even using a factor for the elliptical shape of the earth as it is not quite spherical.
‭ ‬All of this,‭ ‬with just ten‭ ‬kilobytes of writable memory.‭ ‬What a marvel‭!
It was built by a subsidiary of General Motors in Milwaukee but I believe Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) had a part in the design.‭ ‬In the early seventies this was a wonder of design and was used in a slightly modified form for satellite launches from the Titan rockets.
‭ ‬Could you imagine such a program written in small incremental,‭ ‬random steps and without any goal or guidance;‭ a‬ program‭ ‬written by a monkey with‭ ‬a typewriter‭?‬ it was plainly the work of some very smart folk. Yet‭ ‬an infinitely more complex machine, the‭ ‬human body, is supposed to have evolved as a result of numerous small‭ ‬changes made with no goal or guidance.‭
But‭ ‬we‭ ‬ are made up of numerous interdependent systems of enormous complexity, made up of billions of cells that live,‭ ‬reproduce and then die after each being part of some great bodily subsystem‭ ‬– hearing,‭ ‬seeing, smelling,‭ ‬feeling,‭ ‬muscles for movement and‭ ‬bones for structure‭ ‬,energy production and transport‭ ‬– we‭ ‬could go on.‭ ‬What about the reproductive system‭ ‬-‭ ‬you would have to evolve a male and a female and all the bits that make them special and right for the job‭? ‬All by chance‭ ‬-‭ ‬no objectives just blind incremental stumbling.‭ ‬The super program to control all of this is in the fantastic DNA that has the recipe for every amino acid needed to form every protein and the order in‭ ‬which they are to be assembled.‭ ‬All so advanced that I doubt if any part has been fully explored.‭ ‬You could say that I‭ ‬knew‭ ‬a lot about that INS but‭ ‬nowhere near as much as the designers‭ ‬– I‭ ‬could change things that broke down and fix it but was never anywhere near being in the same league as the designers.‭ ‬So it is with our doctors,‭ ‬surgeons and scientists‭ ‬– not‭ ‬in the same league as THE DESIGNER.
‭ ‬Surely‭ ‬-‭ ‬when you see design you expect there to‭ ‬be a designer.‭
Could blind chance with no guidance or goals have produced‭ ‬the human body and brain‭?‬
The guards saw the angel and still denied it.‭ ‬They‭ ‬saw a man raised from the dead but only wanted to suppress the story and now we have those who see design but deny a designer.‭ ‬Is this the hardened heart‭?‬

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To your tents Oh Israel

This is Sunday 14th September 2014 and on Thursday the people of Scotland will be voting to be independent or to stay as part of the United Kingdom.
Many who will vote YES for independence will be motivated by a desperate dislike of the rule of London and David Cameron’s Tory party which keeps coming into power in spite of getting very few members elected from Scotland.
About three thousand years ago the descendants of Jacob, who God renamed Israel, also had a sort of referendum. The ten northern tribes were discontent with rule from the south and said they didn’t want to be ruled by the house of David. They rebelled and formed another country that they called Israel and elected another king. The tribes of Judah and Benjamin formed a smaller state that they called Judah which kept David’s grandson as their king.
From then on the people of Judah were known as Jews, which is short for Judeans. So it is mistaken to say that Abraham and the people of the Exodus were Jews as there was no land of Judah in their day, unless perhaps actual members of the tribe of Judah could have been classed as Judeans. The folk in the other camp were Israelites.
Now technically both nations were descendants of the man Israel and so were Israelites but as in Ezekiel’s valley of dry bones they are together called “the whole house of Israel”. Following this he is told to take two sticks and to write on one JUDAH and on the other ISRAEL and he is to join them together as a prophecy of a reunion of the two nations under one of David’s house. He made a clear distinction between Jews and Israelites.
Hosea was a prophet to Israel and makes only few references to Judah. Elijah too was a prophet to Israel – Ahab and Jezebel ruled the northern kingdom of Israel in his day.
Amos was sent to the Israelites who told him to go back to his own place in Judah, and preach to them.
We have the accounts of the kings of Israel and the kings of Judah. For more than a hundred years they functioned as separate kingdoms which even fought against each other until the Assyrian army carried the people of the northern kingdom away and replaced them with people of other nations that they had conquered. This is what they offered the people of Jerusalem if they would surrender – to be re-located somewhere else. Quite a smart strategy as they would never be able to rebel on home ground.
After Thursday’s referendum a lot of people are not going to get what they had voted for. If it is a YES for independence some may find it intolerable and move south, others will move south for the sake of their jobs. When Israel broke away from Judah there must have been many who did the same and moved south. But there were even stronger forces; the Temple which was at the centre of their religion and the policies of Jeroboam, Israel’s chosen king – to set up idols to the north and south of his kingdom to be worshipped instead of the usual pilgrimages to Jerusalem. Many must have taken this as a sure sign that a move south was their only option. In the book of Tobit, written by a man from northern Galilee and from the tribe of Naphtali, he says that he was the only one of his family who regularly went to Jerusalem to the appointed festivals as the Law of Moses commanded. The rest of his relatives paid homage to the bull calves that Jeroboam had set up. This was before he was taken with the rest of Israel into captivity.
So, of course there were men of all tribes living in Judah (Anna who blessed Jesus was from the tribe of Asher). But all of these immigrants were now Judeans or Jews. However the population of the northern kingdom were never Jews. How can those who can’t differentiate between Jews and Israelites explain the Bible? Judeans are technically Israelites because their ancestor was Israel but all Israelites are not Judeans or Jews. Eagles are birds but not all birds are eagles.
Hosea was a prophet to Israel and prophesied that they would be as innumerable as the sand of the seashore. Read Hosea; it was written to the spiritually naked land of Israel. He has dire warnings for them and says they will be scattered and wanderers among the nations and will be punished for their apostasy but God says to them “How can I give you up, Israel? How can I abandon you? My heart will not let me do it! My love for you is too strong.” A remnant will return for God assures us of this.
Two years after they left Egypt, Moses took a census of all the people, except the tribe of Levi, and there were just over 600,000 men, aged 20 or over and capable of military service. About 250 years later David took a census which found the number of such men had risen to about 1,500,000. We can only estimate the size of population that this represented but their number had to be of several millions but it had more than doubled in a quarter of a millennium.
You who believe the Bible to be God’s word. Do you believe these numbers? If you do, then you must also believe that these people are now in the hundreds of millions and as God said He could not abandon them then He must still have them as the apple of his eye and He must be bringing to pass what He spoke through prophets like the dying Jacob who said of his grandsons that Manasseh’s descendants will become a great people. But his younger brother will be greater than he, and his descendants will become great nations”. Then he told each of his sons what would befall them in the last days.
The historian Josephus, in the first century AD, wrote that the ten tribes who lived beyond the Euphrates and outside of the Roman Empire had become an innumerable multitude

Would all of them be saved? Sadly, they would be sifted as wheat (Amos 9:9) and a remnant saved. Until then, the nations that they have become must, because of their sheer numbers, be prominent on today’s world stage.

Are USA and Great Britain mentioned in the Bible – I believe they are!

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The most important commandment

Which commandment comes first?


Mat 22:36-40   Master, which is the great commandment in the Law?Jesus said to him, You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.This is the first and great commandment.And the second is like it, You shall love your neighbor as yourself.On these two commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets.

Jesus said there were two great commandments that encapsulated all the other commandments. The first demands our love for God and the second our love for our neighbor.

This must mean that we go that extra mile for our neighbor but not where that mile transgresses the commandment which comes first. Loyalty to God must have first priority.

My wife and I sometimes go to church for some fellowship but we have to stop singing when the words of a song or chorus are not right and contradict God’s word. Once we actually walked out when the words of the worship chorus were,

“ Lamb of God, seated on the throne

We worship you, we worship you alone.

Now, tell me, which book of the Bible could that fit into? It is blasphemy.

Rev 5:13  And every creature which is in heaven, and on the earth, and under the earth, and such as are in the sea, and all that are in them, heard I saying, Blessing, and honour, and glory, and power, be unto him that sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb for ever and ever.

What should we do? –offend the folk around us by refusing to sing or offend God by de-throning the Almighty Father.

This morning I was watching the God Channel and within a few minutes the preacher referred to “God in the flesh” several times. Jesus never claimed to be God but if we believe that he is almighty God then we get into very deep water. Problems like – how could God die when he is immortal.

1Ti 6:16  Who only hath immortality [but Jesus did die], dwelling in the light which no man can approach unto; whom no man hath seen, nor can see [Jesus was seen by many]: to whom be honour and power everlasting. Amen. The Greek word for immortality means ‘un dying or can’t die’ and of course Jesus did die and has been seen.

If Jesus is God then –

How did the universe survive when he was dead or do we have more than one God?

If Jesus had a different will to God and could feel abandoned by God and could commit his spirit to God then there must either be more than one God or a case of schizophrenia.


But Jesus didn’t come of his own accord – he was sent. It was God who loved the world so much that he gave his son.  Just as Abraham was going to sacrifice Isaac.


Joh 7:28-29  Then Jesus cried in the temple as He taught, saying, You both know Me, and you know from where I come. And I have not come of Myself, but He who sent Me is true, whom you do not know.But I know Him, for I am from Him, and He has sent Me.

He came to do his father’s will and not his own.

Joh 6:38  For I came down from Heaven, not to do My own will but the will of Him who sent Me.

It is plainly shown in the scriptures that Jesus is the son of God but not that he is God. I know it says that people worshipped him but that Greek word means to do obeisance and not what we understand in modern usage.

Mat 20:20  Then the mother of Zebedee’s children came to Him with her sons, worshiping

[proskuneō pros-koo-neh’-o(meaning to kiss, like a dog licking his master’s hand); to fawn or crouch to, that is, (literally or figuratively) prostrate oneself in homage (do reverence to, adore): – worship. and desiring a certain thing from Him.]

Did Jesus tell a story about a servant who owed a fortune and was unable to pay, worshipping the one he was in debt to. The Pharisees would have gone mad at that if they understood the word worship to mean what it has now come to mean.

Mat 18:25-26  But as he had nothing to pay, his lord commanded that he, and his wife and children, and all that he had, be sold, and payment be made.Then the servant fell down and worshiped him, saying, Lord, have patience with me and I will pay you all. –  other versions translate it differently when it doesn’t apply to Jesus, a theological choice, not a translation but an interpretation.

There is a great book that compares how several different versions of the New Testament are faithful or not to the Greek from which they are translated – Truth in Translation by Jason David BeDuhn.

But for many, confessing what the scripture plainly shows is avoided because it would mean going against the accepted dogmas of their church neighbors  which would sow discord – but loving your neighbor is not the first commandment.

 Remember what you pray, “Our Father – hallowed be thy name”. You ask him for things in Jesus name – the father owns everything and Jesus says that when we ask the Father for things, we can use his name on our requests.

Neither in the heavenly royal court or any earthly royal court, can you bow to the Prince and ignore the Monarch.



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Fred Sanger

The late Fred Sanger was twice awarded the Nobel Prize. The first was for working out the amino acid sequence for the insulin protein. He chose insulin because it is one of the simpler protein molecules and is easy to obtain.
His obituary described him as an agnostic but formerly of quaker persuasion. Sad, in my eyes, that in his search for truth in one direction he lost out in another. How could he see any other way that that chain of 51amino acids that make up the insulin molecule could have been assembled? The number of possible combinations is 20 to the power of 51. Could he not see the hand of an all powerful creator as the only solution?
Belief in God does require a step of faith but so does belief in serendipity – the aminos all assembled themselves in the right order and did it again and again and this to only produce a bit of insulin. What luck must have been needed to make the DNA molecules?
When you see DESIGN it implies a DESIGNER.

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