In 1925 Edwin Hubble was able to prove that the universe is actually expanding and by working back in time one comes to a single point wihich they called The Big Bang. This assumes everything in the past is going on as it can be measured today.
Carbon dating of organic things and isometric dating of volcanic type rocks also works with this assumption. But can we be sure that things are always as they are now?
Mt St Helens in USA erupted in 1980 and some newly formed rocks were sent for dating to various labs. Results varied but were around the million years old mark for rocks only a few months old.
The Big Bang theory runs into a rather big problem – over 90% of the universe is missing, apparently made up of so called Dark Matter which no one has yet been able to find.
So much for their credentials!
When the Book of Genesis is read literally then the age of the Earth seems to be nearer 6000 years than the Big Bang’s billions of years. There we read that God created the Heavens and the Earth in only six days. He made the first humans, Adam and Eve who lived in a wonderful garden but sadly they fell for the temptation of Satan and ate of the one tree that had been forbidden them. They were expelled from the Garden of Eden and with successive generations things went from bad to worse until God decided to start again.
Noah and his family and representatives of all the air breathing creatures were preserved through the ensueing flood which eventually covered everything. Millions of creatures were fosilized in the mud flows, some of which can be seen today, fosils of sea creatures, even on mountain tops.
Were there dinosaurs in the ark? Most certainly but they didn’t need to be fully grown adults. All over the world there are traditions of huge fearsom beasts, often called dragons. In the Book of Job in The Bible are descriptions of Behemoth and Leviaton (chapters 40 and 41) which we could call dinosaurs.
The word dinosaur is from the Greek for “fearsom lizard” and was first used in the eighteen hundreds and so they went by other names until then.

The Big Bang theory is accepted by those who want to keep God out of any explanation for creation. Believing God as Creator is of course an act of faith but believing in a BB is too – almost nothing exploded and formed the galaxies, and the Dark matter and Dark energy which make up over 90% of the Universe’s mass have still not been discovered but are essential to the theory. Then comes the question of apparently amazingly designed creations forming themselves by pure luck against astronomical odds without any guiding hand. That takes a leap of blind faith,

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