Let’s take an ordinary person – like me.

Maybe nothing special to look at but fearfully and wonderfully made. System after system of enormous complexity making up my human body. For example, let us look at the digestive system that processes my food. A factory more fantastic than the best man has built. It takes the food and drink and extracts the things vital to our survival. In fact it uses about 10% of all of our energy.

Over the last few months I have been going to Slimming World where I have lost about 3 stones (18kg). What is the secret? You can do a rigorous exercise workout every day to burn up your fat or you can let your digestive system do it while you get on with your life.

Bricks without straw

Remember how Pharaoh said the Israelites were no longer to be supplied with straw for brick making. They had to find it themselves but he still demanded the same number of bricks. Applying  this “bricks without straw” idea to our diet, not by starving but by sending down plenty to fill the stomach but food with insufficient calories for the processing plant to run on. The food still has to be processed so this fantastic machine raids the fat cells for the energy stored in them to make up the deficit. So you let your digestive system do that exercise workout for you.

Impossible odds

This amazingly complex system that was formed in my mother’s womb is so fantastic that it had to be the work of a super powerful designer and not as a result of millions of lucky mutations, all against impossible odds.

You can see that to flip a coin – heads or tails, you have a one in two chance. Your four digit PIN code is unique among the ten thousand possible codes ranging from 0000 to 9999 and that is why the cash machine may swallow your card if you make three wrong attempts in case you are working your way through all the possibilities. The National UK Lottery gives about a one in fourteen million chance of a jackpot – your chances are reduced but still it’s possible. Do a search for


It is heavy stuff but concludes that something with only one chance in 10^150 (that is 1 in a one with 150 zeroes after it) is considered impossible. However a more popular consensus is that a chance of only one in 10^50 (that is 1 in a one with fifty zeroes after it) is so unlikely as to be virtually impossible. After all 10^50 is a much bigger number than the sum of all the ATOMS of all the people who have ever lived and going back 10^18 seconds would take you back way beyond the so called Big Bang.

Fantastic cells

In your body there are trillions ( that’s millions of millions) of cells and their main constituents are proteins which are made up of strings of amino acids. There are twenty different amino acids and they form chains very like the letters we use. Some of these proteins have over a thousand amino acid “letters” in the chain and to produce that by chance goes well above the odds of what is considered impossible. Even “simple” proteins have over fifty of these “letters”.

The cells turn out to be complex structures that must have these proteins (which take on peculiar shapes), assembled in a certain order and which would be of no use if any part was missing or assembled in the wrong place. There are over 200 different types of cell in the human body, some constructed with forty different proteins. The information to put all of these chains and cells together is contained in the three billion code letters in our DNA and all but our red bloods cells each has a copy of this instruction manual.

This is a machine of such complexity that nothing man has made comes any way at all near to it.

 But the wonders of this “impossible creation” don’t stop there.

Energy mass equivalence

In 1905 Albert Einstein showed the world that energy and mass were interchangeable with that simple formula  e = mc^2

Well, the result looks simple but the few blackboards full of calculations to get there are not for the faint of heart. (He did not get his Nobel Prize for that.)

e is in Joules, m is the mass which is weight in kilograms divided by the acceleration due to gravity and c is the velocity of light in m/sec.

So, for someone like me, my former 100 kg represented a mass of about 10 kg and as c=300 million this makes J = 10 x 9 x 10^16

= 9 x 10^17 Joules or Watt.seconds

Your electric bill is rated in kilowatts running for so many hours. Power stations would talk in terms of Mega Watt hours and if my mass was fully converted into energy it would be 250 million Mega Watt hours and that is the amount of energy that made the elements that my body is composed of.

For comparison a mass of only one gram, converted to energy would be equivalent to the power of over half a million US gallons of gasoline (over two million litres of petrol)

God said and it was

 The Big Bang THEORY says that practically nothing became everything – energy to mass.

Not all scientists subscribe to the BB theory because they claim that it violates the laws of physics.

Many scientists are desperate to keep God out of creation and so they don’t believe that God said and it was – but with all the otherwise impossibilities of creation and the human body – I know which I believe.



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