The basic building blocks for all living things are AMINO ACIDS and there are twenty of them. They form chains which take on particular shapes. The simplest protein has at least fifty in its chain but some have thousands.

They are similar to the way we use letters to form sentences. Imagine we dropped the seven least used letters so that we are left with nineteen letters and a space and now we can use our letters and spaces to write phrases, sentences and whole stories. Let’s make a typewriter with only these twenty keys and give it to a monkey who likes to press typewriter keys.. He can choose any of the twenty keys to start his masterpiece – for it will turn out to be a masterpiece. The next stroke again has a one in twenty chance of being right and so on.

He just has to press a key for the next letter but our first amino acid has to overcome its inhibitions and get some other to join it in a huge Hokey Cokey chain at a wild amino acid party in the primordial soup but with luck they will form a useful chain that can do more than snake wildly around the dance floor. Let us hope that enough of its pals turn up at the dance and are willing to join in.

After only six strokes to get any combination is a one in sixty four million chance ie 20x20x20x20x20x20 different combinations are possible. There is a bit better than one in fourteen  million chance of winning the UK Lotto draw. Now a chain of six amino acids isn’t much use but to get the right combination by luck is quite a feat or for our monkey to type out the word “EVOLVE”. Just six letters but he has to write a sentence with fifty letters and spaces to match the simplest protein. That would be 20 to the power of  50 or 2 to the power of 50 with 50 zeros after it of different, possible combinations and only one of them is the right one.

Now, it turns out that a simple cell is not just a blob of goo but a finely crafted machine made up of maybe forty different proteins so this lucky monkey would either have to keep hitting the jackpot or forty equally lucky monkeys would have to be sitting right next to each other to join their lucky efforts to make the equivalent of the protein structure of this so called simple cell. Then all this luck would have to be documented in the DNA so that it could be repeated but that is another story.

You have to admit that to have such luck is a bit like the same guy winning the UK Lotto every week year after year. No, a chance of one in a figure with thousands of zeros is just about impossible. This lucky streak would have to start all over again for each different type of cell and there’s a lot of them. Then there would have to be some survival advantage for them to get together and again, purely by chance..

Be reasonable,  pure chance could not do it.. If you filled the earth with typewriting monkeys they could never write a book. There has to be a DESIGNER. You may not want to admit it  but there is no scientific – so called explanation that you can run to. Better to acknowledge the Almighty and start seeking Him and finding out what He wants you to do.

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